Taylor Lautner And Martha Stewart Vie For Jay Leno’s Attention [VIDEO]

Taylor Lautner and Martha Stewart stopped by The Tonight Show With Jay Leno last night, and sh*t got weird.

Stewart talked about making Leno breakfast in bed, and when he tried to pass her off to Lautner, she resisted.  “Jay, I like men like you,” Stewart said to Leno, eyes aflutter.  Knowing that three’s a crowd (see what I did there?), Lautner got up and told them to crazy kids, “I’m gonna give you guys some room.”

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“I remember my very last shirtless scene of the franchise,” Lautner recalled before things got superweird with Our Lady Of Arts N’ Crafts.  The Twilight star got his glutton on by going on a binge post-werewolf training.

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