Taylor Lautner A Lilly Collins Split Three Months Ago

September 24th, 2011 // 2 Comments

Young love is so fleeting, especially when you’re really, really, really ridiculously good-looking.  Such was the case for Taylor Lautner and his Abduction co-star Lily Collins, who have parted ways.  Though some reports say they broke up last week, a source told E! that Lautner and Collins were over when she headed to Canada three months ago to film The Brothers Grimm: Snow White.  “[Taylor] wasn’t into it, and she made all the effort.  He wouldn’t even visit her,” the source said.

Even though Lautner waxed on about the “chemistry” he had with Collins while reading the Abduction script in the October issue of Seventeen, he’s moved on to greener pastures.  Collins isn’t sitting at home mending her broken heart, though.  She’s been spotted on dates with a few gents.

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Lautner stopped by The Late Show With Jimmy Fallon last night (September 23rd) in New York to ride a mechanical bull.  Oh, and to promote his movie.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. anonymous

    Taylor is a gay steroid freak. She’s a beard. No surprise.

  2. heelly

    oh please, they were never “going out”
    they were only seen together because of the whole “abduction” promotion thing even then.
    yeah i think he is most def gay

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