Taylor Kitsch’s Most Awesome Shoe Tying Tip [Celebrity Advice]

Taylor Kitsch for GQ
Taylor channels James Dean for a GQ photo shoot.
Are you ready for the shoe tying tip that could change your life? Brace yourself!

Taylor Kitsch shared with GQ his unorthodox way of tying his shoes. Read and learn:

I play in a men’s league hockey in Austin. And I’m like, “Gentlemen, listen up. This is going to change your fucking life…” I learned when it was my Dad tying my skates, like seven or eight. Instead of going around once, you do it twice. All you’ve got to remember: “Just go around one more. Just one more.”

For those of you thinking more is better, you’re wrong. As for a third wrap-around Taylor says:

No. It gets awkward if you do it another one.

There you have it folks! Now check out Taylor Kitsch’s MuchMusic NEW.MUSIC.LIVE show appearance from yesterday in the gallery.