Taylor Kitsch With Long Hair vs Shaved Head: Would You Rather

Taylor Kitsch In A Pea Coat
Kitsch Visits 'Good Morning America' In A Dapper Ensemble
Mmmmh, Tim Riggins.  I myself prefer Canadian studmuffin and star of Oliver Stone’s Savages (out July 6th) Taylor Kitsch with long, greasy locks (the better to run my hands through, m’dear) to his whiffle cut.  Working alongside the Celebuzz  team allows for conversation about Dillon’s resident bad ass to flow constantly, so I called on the troops for their preferences.

Taryn’s all for the buzzed head, while Chelsea and Gabi went for long.  I thought Amanda was going to side with me on the long, Texan locks…but I was wrong.  “You know what?” she said when I double-checked for a final decision.  “I don’t mind the shaved head.”  Fine, more for me.

So, would you rather a Kitsch with long locks or whiffle cut?

Oooh and we have a treat.  Watch the latest clip of Kitsch after the jump.  S-W-O-O-N.