Taylor Kinney Plays Happy Couple With Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz
The presenter in Gucci at the Oscars last night.
Um, I’d like to be playing house with Taylor Kinney. So Cameron, please step aside.

Actress Cameron Diaz filmed a scene on the gazebo with Taylor Kinney looking out into the Westhampton Beach at Long Island in New York City yesterday (June 05, 2013) for their film The Other Woman.

While Cameron Diaz hasn’t had a big box office hit in a while, she’s still making lots of bank. 

The June 14 issue of The Hollywood Reporter highlights the careers of A-list actresses 40-years-old and over, who are continuing to dominate the industry by bringing in a hefty cash flow.

Diaz is the highest-paid actress over 40, after receiving first-dollar gross on the 2011 comedy Bad Teacher. Instead of her usual $15 million fee, ultimately earning her $42 million from that flick alone (the entire movie cost $20 million to make).

Nice work if you can get it. And by the way, great legs Cameron!

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