Taylor Kinney And Jesse Spencer In Fireman Gear On ‘Chicago Fire’ Set [PHOTOS]

Taylor Kinney Shirtless
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Actors Taylor Kinney, Eamonn Walker, Jesse Spencer, and David Eigenberg sported some heavy fireman gear while they filmed a few exterior scenes for the TV show Chicago Fire in Chicago, IL yesterday (November 12, 2012).

Chicago Fire was just picked up for a full season by NBC, so congrats to the cast on that exciting news.

Jesse recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the differences between shooting House and Chicago Fire and why he chose the role…

It was kind of one that felt like the right fit. [House] was a very cerebral show and it was a really, really really, good show. Chicago Fire was just something different. It’s not cerebral. It’s more of a character-based show with a lot of action. After eight years of being an intellectual and spewing out medical terms, it was time to do something in the opposite direction. And running around in [firefighter’s] gear for 14 hours seemed like the right thing to do.

Spencer also weighs the difficulty of lugging 60 lbs. of gear around vs. learning Chase’s doctor jargon with 80-syllable diseases.

I guess right now this feels much much harder. [Laughs] By the end of that show, we got that down to a fine art in terms of learning all that stuff. But when I think back to the first days of House, that was really tough, too. We had extremely long days. It was tough in the first couple of years of the show — it was all new. And that’s what this feels like at the start of this, except you also have the physical demands. I still really like it. I do question, though, ‘If I’m still doing this in three or four years that’s going to be tough!’

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