Taylor Armstrong Promotes New Book, Talks About Deceased Hubby

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The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsTaylor Armstrong’s book, “Hiding From Reality,” went on sale yesterday, February 6, and revealed that when she first decided to join the reality show cast, she thought the cameras could serve as ‘protection’ from her alleged abusive husband, Russell Armstrong.  She also affirmed that, contrary to past reports, her departed husband indeed liked having the cameras follow the family, even going online on a daily basis to see what stories were run about him that day. 

In her memoir, the missus not only talks about her tumultuous relationship with her husband, but she talks about the abuse her mother faced by the hands of her father.  Seems like history does repeat itself.  Regardless of the allegations against Russell, Taylor admitted that she still loves him and misses him terribly.  ‘The good times were the best I’ve ever had and the worst times were the worst I’ve ever had.’

Armstrong was seen in NYC on February 6, 2012 smiling from ear to ear.  Will you pick up a copy of her memoir? Sound off in the comments.