Taylor Armstrong and Camille Grammer Kiss and Make-Up

Taylor Goes Pumpkin Picking
Taylor Armstrong pays a visit to the pumpkin patch.
Pretending that the cat fight at Kyle Richards annual garden party was a mere bump in the road rather than a nail in the coffin, Taylor Armstrong and Camille Grammer of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills decided to kiss and make-up!

In case you missed last Monday’s soap opera, the ladies of Beverly Hills upped the drama and collectively decided that Russell and Taylor Armstrong would be dis-invited from Richards’ annual garden party but alas! No one was able to get in touch with them before they showed up – making for some great Bravo! drama.

The Daily Mail recaps the VO during the show:

“I’ve tried calling her and texting her to save her the embarrassment of being turned away from the party,’ Lisa Vanderpump, Taylor’s newest ally, told the ladies”

Kyle, her closest friend, said: “I haven’t been able to reach Taylor. I’m going to have to wait for her to show up and then dis-invite her from my party. I feel so bad.”

Boo hoo.

Kyle cried. We rolled our eyes. And Taylor found more inspiration to pen.