Tawny Kitaen Sues Ex for Snatching Her Millions

I need to choose my words about this woman carefully, since her shoes are registered weapons. Old-school heavy metal video vixen, Tawny Kitaen, is suing her ex-boyfriend, alleging that he took millions of dollars from her. And to prove her claim, Kitaen has enlisted the services of a forensic handwriting expert to take a look at her records, both real estate and financial, to see if Philip Cyburt, the ex boyfriend in question, was messing with her funds.

n the suit, Kitaen claims “she never imagined this seemingly honest and caring man would slither into her life only to rob her of over three million dollars during the course of their four-year relationship.”

And you know that she worked hard for that “America’s Funniest People” money, standing next to Dave Coulier, pretending to laugh at his jokes. Knowing what I already do about Tawny, and the damage she knows how to inflict upon a grown man using only her rage and a high-heel, I have to say that this Cyburt guy must be a ballsy fellow. He should probably sleep with one eye open. Tawny don’t play.