Tattoos, The Voice And A Whole Lot Of Selfies in Ricky Martin’s Latest Instagram Pics

Ricky Martin & His Twins
Ricky Martin travels with his twin sons.
We all love Ricky Martin, but if you’re not following his Instagram and watching how much he loves life, then you’re not loving him enough.

Some celebrity Instagrams can get a little crazy, but Ricky Martin’s is all about his music and the people and places he loves. The glimpses into his daily life that he gives us include his work on The Voice Australia with his co-stars, his concerts, his kids, his travels, and lucky for us, a whole lot of selfies.

The reasons you should check out this fabulous man’s Instagram? First of all, selfies. Shirtless selfies, tattooed selfies, and close-ups of his face selfies. This man knows how to take a great picture of himself.

He also gives us behind the scenes looks at The Voice Australia. We’re all fans of The Voice, and it’s pretty cool to see what they’re doing for the same show across the globe. Not to mention he and his co-stars, Kylie Minogue and Joel Madden, are beyond adorable together.

Finally, his Instagram is just a huge display of love. Love for his kids, love for his music, and love for the world around him. Check it out and feel your heart melt within seconds.