Tara Reid’s Still Drunk

July 28th, 2005 // 50 Comments

Tara Reid and Paris Hilton go wild at the VIP Room. Look as Tara begs for more booze and gives the world a view of her ass (after the jump).

Click the smaller photos for a full moon view.

(Images Courtesy of INFGOFF.com)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Napalm Death

    OK. Now you’re just trying to hurt us.

  2. ella

    Wonder if that is Red Bull in Paris’ glass since, you know, that is all she drinks :)

  3. cakeboy

    i feel victimized….
    oh the nast on that ass—
    she is two steps away from the strip
    wobbling her way thru her ho stroll…
    as 4 paris and her mystery drink-
    looks like orange juice/splash of champagne-
    the breakfast of champions
    or soul-eating gutter sluts.

  4. morty z

    Look at Paris’ feet! Sweet mother of god those things are crazy.

  5. I imagine Tara Reid going down the Dana Plato path except maybe not robbing a video store but holding a plastic surgeon at gunpoint and forcing him to lipo her.

  6. fjdklajf

    yeah really..forget tara…just look at paris’ feet!

  7. Julia

    What a trash-tacular affair this is.

  8. Cumberland Togs

    That’s the point – we’re trying to forget Tara’s ass! That thing is overplayed. Gotta admit the feet are odd – like she should be hanging from a tree with them.

  9. Christina

    Ack. T’s sticky hair. Totally distracted me from P’s gnarly feet.

  10. doofus

    why doesn’t Tara stop delaying the inevitable and just start her porn career? because you KNOW that’s where she’ll end up.

    and I agree about Paris’ feet…they are SCARY!

  11. evie

    they are such skanks. tara has an ugly ass too and paris’s feet are like a basketball players. so totally repulsive. they are what is wrong with the world.

  12. timk

    That’s not hot.

  13. paris sniffs

    why is paris sniffing her arm pit?

  14. Cynthia

    Sluts on the loose. Why is Tara Reid always making that weird face? Or is that her Oh-no-I’m-drunk-yet-again face?

  15. Brian

    Oh that Paris………….ONE CLASS ACT…….

  16. ilostmyshoe

    Imagine cartoon text bubbles….

    Tara : “I’m so wasted. Where’s Tommy Lee and his love gun ?”

    Paris : “So a pink and white gown with ribbons and a slit from to the crotch is so hot. Okay, so the mother of the bride’s dress is done. Tinkerbell can be the flower girl and…oh jesus, she’s drunk again. What some gals will put up with for a bridesmaid. God I wish Nicole was still around”

  17. Lorena

    How is it these people can’t seem to afford UNDERWEAR?

  18. Callisto

    Tara’s Butt and Paris Feet… Are Just Gross!!

    and What’s With The Headless Guy, This Is Just Disturbing!!

  19. Mariana

    Damn, timk already beat me to it. Sooooo not hot.

  20. Lulu

    Wow, Paris actually looks classy next to that slut.

  21. They sure do have ugly feet. And I don’t even want to look at the butt pics again. Brr

  22. J

    Ummmmm…. that’s crazy.

    They should do a TV pilot..”Ambush Intervention.” Catch the celeb in the act, then someone drags their ass in the back and takes them to rehab. For Paris, they would bust in mid-film during another sex video. Mariah.. grab her during the photo-ops… Cruise during another PDA or while giving his pharmaceutical advise…

    But hey.. then we’d have nothing to laugh about.. ok, scratch it.

  23. mattdamon

    OK the ass pic is just disgusting, makes me so happy to be gay! Ugh. Paris should really find new friends I thought she had outgrown the trash. Tara is the queen of skankville! She would so be doing porn if she wouldn’t have gotten lucky. Not the cool porn either she’d be doing like the ghetto cream pie stuff. I can so picture it. Lose her Paris and go back to Nicole

  24. if you cant see her aging in her face, you can tell shes no spring chicken by her ass. ew and vomit.

  25. foxyroxy

    why is lindsay hohan’s mother grinding on the dance floor with tara and paris?

  26. Cynthia

    Mickeypsho–I can’t tell the difference between her ass and her face!

  27. mary

    i dont think anyone or anything can be more cheap or lower class than this trash tara reid, who’s already over 30 but likes to hang out with kids like paris and lindsay.

    its just sad.

  28. bad bunny

    in this picture tara reid gets in touch with her white trash roots. yet i have to applaud paris for not owning this picture in skankism. what’s wrong with our tabloid whore? just not up for posing???

    and those feet…very manly…in fact when you look at her in the first picture she could pull off a guy in drag for sure!

  29. Mike

    God, STOP!!! I’m going blind!!!!!!! No more Tara Reid, I beg you!!! My eyes are bleeding!

  30. Bill

    Looks like Tara is waiting for the guy on her right to piss in her glass. Maybe that’s why she has such a pained look on her face. Can’t even afford mock champagne. Oh, and the guy behind Paris is trying to figure out just how saggy Tara’s tits really are.

  31. she also hooked up with a 20 year old romanian kid while shooting some movie there

  32. FernDogg

    Look at the guy with the black shirt staring at Tara’s tits in the first picture. Dude is the funniest thing in the picture.

    And damn, what’s up with Paris’ manly feet, they look like they belong to the guy with the black shirt. The dude took off his socks and placed his feet in front of Paris’ feet.


  33. Debbie

    Oh my . . . that picture of Tara’s butt . . . can you imagine what is on full display in the front. I’ve just made myself sick. She’s in need of an intervention – - big time!

  34. Ally

    Someone tell me again why anyone thinks Paris Hilton is good looking? I think she really is a man in drag! The only thing ‘female’ that looks more manly than her is her other trashy friend, Kim-I’m-really-a-man-Stewart!

  35. Jane

    That girl is a mess. Her tits look like they’ve been mauled by a set of vampire dentures and her ass looks like egg souffle! I’m ill…

  36. bubba

    “VIP Room” where? (st trop?)

  37. ParisHilton

    ella,if thats not Red Bull in Paris’ glass,at least she can controll herself look at Tara

  38. The truth

    She is drunk????

    no way *sarcasm*

    What else is fucking new??

    oooooh and the reson skanky paris, is hanging out with someone more skanker than her is because it makes her look better.

    Rule to make your self look better:

    Hang out with people less attractive then you, because it makes you look good.

    everyone knows that rule right?…..

  39. Knullasönderparishilton

    Jag har knullat Paris när jag var i New York förra sommaren…inte så svår som man kan tro att en superstärna ska vara….hon verkar gilla svarta män;)

  40. Al Soldano

    I’m glad Tara Reid has a fat ass.

  41. Lil' Alex

    One word: “fermented”

  42. kay

    How does what Tara Reid and Paris Hilton do affect ANY of you? WHO CARES if theyre “trashy” you all sound just about as classy as youre making them out to be…because you know them so well from all those pictures youve seen…go find something to do for fucks sake.

  43. bad bunny

    is’nt it funny when someone gets personally offended over a gossip website? i mean is’nt this the whole point of posting…to gossip? relax kay…try to have some fun with it…i mean your getting so defensive like you know them so well. must be from all the pictures you’ve seen right?

  44. Brazilian

    gostei dessa! I like this girl. I realy don’t now and I don’t want to now who is she but I realy like her.

  45. nigga boi south

    DAM thats one nice ass i luv the cottage/jello effect when u hitting it from behind! SEXY!

  46. Penis

    I’ve been telling you guys for decades that Parises feet were ugly!

  47. kristjan

    huda rit

  48. herby

    Normally when a celebrity is as ridiculous as tata I just want them to disapear. However, she does such a great job of making an ass of herself I want more. that won’t be a problem for her, until the court ordered trip to rehab. Than we can all enjoy the frequant relapses.

  49. suiiuris


  50. Damn those are some messed up lookin feet! I bet they can run really fast in high heels :P

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