Tara Reid’s Face Gets Smashed…Well, ALL Of Tara Reid Gets Smashed

In one of the most spectacular returns to form, Tara Reid got absolutely tore up on a yacht with a bunch of people, including her ex-fiance, German internet entrepreneur Michael Axtmann.

The couple were due to wed in May, but broke off their engagement in April of this year. His father said they called it off because she wouldn’t sign a pre-nup. Hmm….

But as you can see from the photos, Tara was get up close and personal with the former flame. Take it for what it is worth though, because you look through all the pics, she’s making out with nearly everyone and I’ll imagine that remnants of her lipstick went home on a lot of dicks that night.

The boat bash which was held by heiress Denise Rich in St. Tropez, in the South of France, last night where other guests included Jackie Collins, Ivana Trump and Buzz Aldrin and his wife. Sounds totally random.

A source said: “Tara and Michael seemed to be having a great time. Anyone who saw them would have thought they were a couple in love.”

Or drunk.