Tara Reid’s Boob

November 5th, 2004 // 28 Comments

Oh dear.

I’m perplexed!

Full view tit shot from P. Diddy’s 35th after the jump.

(fubar via Liquid Generation)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Melanie

    Why are you guys so obsessed with breasts? Get over it already.


  2. Mike

    You know, I’m all for boobs and nipples. Tara’s are nasty. Those high-rez pics really give you a good idea of where they opened her up to put the implants in. Silcon – does a body good? Yeah, right.

  3. mike

    Ok, we all knew that Tara got her breasts done. But either it was recently or it was done shitty. You can see every stretch mark and where they cut her nipple off! BAAAAD!

  4. The most amazing part of this footage is that Reid remains completely oblivious to the fact that her dress fell off. I’ve got to think either she was really high or it was completely staged. It was riveting actually.

  5. Is that thing even milkable anymore?

  6. meg

    imdb celebrity news is so lame & uninformed:

    Reid Plans Image Clean-Up

    National Lampoon’s Van Wilder actress Tara Reid is fed-up with her reputation for being a “retard” and cites friend Paris Hilton as her role model for overcoming her party girl image. The American Pie star, 28, is keen to outgrow her controversial persona and be taken more seriously in Hollywood. Reid says, “I am known as this retard. I want to grow up. I don’t want to be the drunk girl. It hurts my feelings when stuff is written about me. Paris seems to move on from situations all the time, why can’t I?”

  7. mjf

    No one would show, on purpose, a breast that looks like that. So sad that a beautiful young woman thought she needed to alter her appearance in any way. Now it will probably take more plastic surgery to remedy the destruction.

  8. Gary

    I still wouldn’t kick her out of the bed for that. I would help her get that nubbin fixed up.

  9. american nipple

    just plain gross!!ughh,poor thing! Bet everyone at her birthday dinner will be really looking at a big scarred boob with drunkin rambling coming out of it! Gotta admit she’s right about the Paris thing….crotch is way worse than boob! and we saw both in her videotape.

  10. Iloveblackrifles

    I would slam Tara like a screen door in a Texas tornado. I am not hung up on scars. I would love to look her in the eyes while licking her silly.

  11. hardy

    hey MELANIE, u gotta be a man to be mad about breasts.
    not ur fault

  12. sailfish

    we are not obsessed with breasts, we just NEED to see them ALL, then we will stop…

  13. Sam

    Hey MELANIE…. If it’s the GUYS who are obsessed with breasts, why do GIRLS get implants?

    Think first.

  14. josh

    I love boobs, but those are just plain tore up!!! she was beautiful will normal size boobs, but she had to go too far…..

  15. different sam

    it’s gotta be recent. she was naked in body shots and her boobs were uglier than they are now. one of the few cases where implants are a good thing.

  16. raphaela michaels

    Society promotes an exaggerated fixation on boobs. I’m female and I love them myself. I’m not gay but I think women’s bodies rock. Tara included. But Paris, who has not had surgery, rocks too. But if our society didn’t make a big deal out of tits, like we saw them all the time like in aboriginal tribes or something, they wouldn’t be as special. :-)

  17. Jason

    She was definitely wasted and I’m sure it was one of the most humiliating moments ever. All I can say is I think her boobs look great! Yeah, I see where the incision was made, but who cares. The shape of her boob is nice and they’re a nice size.

  18. Nelson

    Man, she is tore up. Funny though, they almost look like teeth marks, what do you think.

  19. josh

    Daddy like. Tara has a wonderful dirty girl look to her. God Bless her for having implants. I just wish she wouldn’t have messed up those pretty nips!

  20. Seth Clements

    MAN!!, This girl was simply beautiful befor she got thoughs implants, and now they are ruined, she sould of stayed all natuarl, and left them the same size, my girl friend looks almsot identical to tera reid, body and everything, and a girl that size should leave her boobs the size there are! people came up to my girlfriend and asked her for an autograph 14 times while we where visiting hollywood last summer!

  21. freespirit

    Paris Hilton did have surgery though. Check her out on AwfulPlasticSurgery.com.

  22. Steve

    Railed out of her tree in this picture.

  23. Poor tara! Ew thats just gross & how could she not realise?! & when it looks so $h!+ too! Ew. & she didnt even realise her dress fell off! Well someones out of it!

  24. brian barnai

    DAMN THOSE PAN CAKE TITTIES but id still give her a go for sure, only a dumb blond doesnt know her boonbs hangin out its cuz she was to coked up.

  25. ya her boob looks nsty but her face is hot as hell

  26. peterson

    FOR ME.

  27. abc

    I like boobs very much want to such these all the time when i such these boob the cries of girl makes me out of sense.

    Men lile breast of women to suck to hold to squiz to see the feeling of girls

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