Tara Reid Version 2.0

January 24th, 2006 // 23 Comments

I think I may actually cry. Although, she probably has a big ole bottle of booze in the bag.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Your one of my favorite blogs, you serve it up fresh!
    I link to you on my blog: http://justanothercelebritysite.blogspot.com/

  2. mars

    She. Looks. Really. Good.

  3. Gail

    So many negative things are said about her that I am glad you posted something positive. She looks awesome.

  4. alexi

    I hope she does not change this look. Blonde whores are not sexy anyways

  5. Fugly Girl

    This has to be photoshopped! There is no way this woman has anything this modest in her wardrobe.

  6. loonytick

    I didn’t know Tara had a court date!!!! What, is she being sued or appearing on drunk something or other charges? Because looking respectable for the sake of a judge is about the only reason I can imagine for her dressing so…well, nicely.

  7. lil miss p

    is this recent? she looks great here. i hope this is recent and she’s gotten her act together.

  8. Brian

    WOW….maybe if we get lucky,she’ll take Paris Hilton shopping.If Tara finally invested in a stylist,it’s worth every penny she spent.

  9. Mariana

    I’d say she looks like a high-class hooker, but that would be an insult to high-class hookers everywhere.

  10. su

    love the bag. anybody know where it’s from?

  11. lee

    yeah, loonytick, looks like she went to a court hearing or something.

  12. cj

    Much better than the boozewhore look! I hope she keeps it up.

  13. chicakms

    She looks great, like she belongs working on Wall Street.

    One question, Where did her boobs go??

  14. Sith Lord

    it won’t last….Lindsay is next…what will we talk about after that…

  15. aguacate jones

    Yes, she looks better…but her new clothes look like they came from Hit or Miss.

  16. rockmanto

    i think the bag is Gucci based on the horsebit hardware…. not sure though..

  17. mt

    How did she lose her wieght that quickly? I like her wearing clothes & looking sober, it makes up for the bad boob job.

  18. ihatecelebs

    This must be an old photo – she’s not taking the twins out for a walk in this one.

  19. Haha!! Tara Reid acting normal is about as likely as Paris Hilton not showing her tits. It lasts about a day before she ends up falling out of a bar drunk. Plus yes it would appear to be an old photo.

  20. ilostmyshoe

    She looks like she’s going to a court appearance.
    Don’t worry, but next week she’ll be falling out of a car somewhere without her panties on and the Earth’s axis will be balanced.

  21. neeshad patel

    i would eat the peanuts out of her shit… even if she is a drunk

  22. g


  23. calboy

    that is her leaving Paradigm, her talent agency in Bev Hills, corner of crescent and brighton.

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