Tara Reid Takes In NY Giants Game

September 26th, 2005 // 12 Comments

While within close proximity to alcohol.

(Image Courtesy of Splash News)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. LindaLuvsGossip

    What you failed to notice, which is actually more funny, is the face of that jackass on the lower right who seems to be mimicking the face on her t-shirt.

  2. LuvChoo

    EXACTLY! He’s a hoot! Looks like he’s hopin’ and a wishin’!

  3. veelee

    Put your arms in the air where we can see them and back away slowly from the alcohol. This is a warning.

  4. The Real Ian !

    is she not suppose to be drinking or somthing, cuz i mean its tara reid, she practally has alchohol ruining through her viens instead of blood

  5. Angelo

    Notice how people don’t even look like they give a shit she is there? She probably is pissed she is not the center of their world.

  6. Bella

    She’s trying to flag someone down to tell them she needs some alcohol. Meanwhile, the guy in the right hand of the picture marvels at the wonders of sober Tara Reid and how she’s able to stand on her own for now…

  7. Apple

    She is calling for security because that guy took her beer!

    And how did she bring in a glass bottle? Contraband!

  8. nasty

    She needs to lay off those dark liners/racoon eyes…so tacky.

    she’s probably alrady drunk.

  9. David

    I don’t get it. What’s funny about her being near some dude with a beer in his hand? Is there a hidden joke that should make this funny?

    What is funny however, is if you look at the dudes eyes. He has a laser focus on her ta ta’s!

  10. Marial

    she need help!

  11. Coleman

    What is funny however, is if you look at the dudes eyes. He has a laser focus on her ta ta’s!—-

    On her big ugly FAKE botched surgety nipple scarred up ta ta’s! The bitch is not even pretty. WTF is so attractive about her? She does not have a beautiful face, stomache (scarred again),big butt w/celluite,skanky STD body, dresses like she is still 17, nothing. Ugly overratted dog just like the Hilton sisters. Give me Jessica Alba, now she is very fine!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Lin

    Her hair is sooo tacky. Way too bleached.

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