Tara Reid Shields the British from Her Secret Weapons at Fashion Week

September 21st, 2007 // 11 Comments

Now, don’t get me wrong–Tara Reid definitely still looks rode hard and put to bed wet. But, I have to at least give her some credit for having all of her scariest parts covered up in these pictures. What was the occasion? London’s Fashion Week is the answer. I guess Tara figured that if she were going to be mixing and mingling with supermodels, she should probably put the damaged goods away, lest they look even worse by comparison. London’s been dealing with some fierce competition around the globe to try and maintain its relevance in the fashion industry, but this year’s Fashion Week appears to have put it back in the running.

“A lot of people have said to me it’s the best London fashion week in 10 years. And you can’t do better than that,” Hilary Riva, chief executive of the British Fashion Council that organises fashion week, told Reuters.

However, the question of how Tara got her ass invited still has yet to be answered. Oh lord, that picture of her holding a drink in one and a sparkler in her mouth makes me very, very nervous. Someone’s about to char their weave–I can feel it.


More photos of a Tara Reid 1 1/2.0 are after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. FreakyZ

    Can someone please tell these people to stop flashing the peace sign in picures? It is so annoying and they look like idiots.

    Thank You.

  2. M

    I wouldn’t call Tara’s things a secret…
    also, those fingers aren’t considered the peace sign in England.

  3. ginger

    Them boobies are looking mighty saggy!
    Someone get this woman a bra – STAT!!!

  4. she looks wasted unlike in American Pie she’s a one heck of a clubber

  5. sammi

    BOYCOTT VH1…They have a show featuring a pervert….PEREZ HILTON….he has posted a picture of Miley cyrus with a penis he has drawn next to her mouth on his web site…BILLY RAY…PLEASE SUE…SUE…SUE. this person is clearly sick at best.

  6. Marie

    That’s Hobie from Baywatch.

  7. I think she still looks stunning… a little overtanned if anything.

  8. The england Girl is to Sexy…

  9. The england Girl is to Sexy…

  10. Angel

    Yes! that is hobie. weird.

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