Tara Reid Riding In Cars With Boys

March 30th, 2006 // 8 Comments

Who knew that Tara Reid had a gay following?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Gretchen Weiners

    It’s not surprising really. She has big tits and drinks like a fish. Everything the gays look for in a woman.

  2. mutterhals

    Nice face, she channeled the “drooling mongoloid” pretty accurately…

  3. Allie

    Two words come to mind when i see her: crack whore

  4. yourFACE

    How many blowjobs did she give that night?

  5. Scott

    What’s up with the dumb ass guy with the skunk stripe down the middle of his hair? He’s too old to have a fo-hawk do.

    As for Tara-gic, what more needs to be said. She’s nothing more than another poorly aging former D-list actress who performed in 1 or 2 teen booby movies.

  6. Silasdog

    No surprize to see Tara in the back seat of a car. It is surprizing that she’s awake. But hey, her best performances have been on back seats (followed by VIP rooms, cheap motels, and perhaps bent over the dishwasher in a hotel kitchen or two).

  7. saram23

    She’s blowing them for a lift, let’s not be fools

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