Tara Reid Looks Confused

July 6th, 2005 // 17 Comments

It seems like she may be talking to herself?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Sage

    How can Paris be so rich and so vain and her hair still always looks completely fucked up?

  2. I don’t think that’s Paris. Anyone else wanna weigh in on this one?

  3. Bianca

    I thought it was Paris, but I’m not sure now. Where are they anyhow? It looks like an immigration line at an aiport. You mean we’re gonna have to let these skanky whores back in?

  4. blahface

    It is Paris Hilton with Tara Reid. here is a link with the pictures and a shot of Paris from the front: http://www.perezhilton.com/topics/paris_hilton/paris_paris_tara_20050705.php

  5. starrzz

    Yea definatly paris hilton and the guy sh eis holding on to is none other then paris latsis her fiance, saw a pic of them on http://www.people.com website and they were wearing the same thing

    Tara is a tool

  6. Something about her face looks strange in that picture. It doesn’t really look like her. It’s like she’s washed out or something.

  7. Brian

    Re:”Tara Reid Looks Confused”…..ummmm….when DOESN’T she look confused?

  8. Rob

    Its the Blonde leading the Blonde….nice to see Tara still looks like the south jersey trash she really is!

  9. Why can’t these people ever walk anywhere by themselves? They’re always hanging onto each other as if they’re in a kindergarten line on a big outing. lol

  10. Antigone

    Tara’s preoccupied by the torment of a runaway boob, it’s trying to get away again!

  11. mary

    How old is Tara Reid? Isn’t she like 30? Why is she such a loser who hangs around younger kids like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan (the early 20ss to mid 20s). She needs to grow up and get a real life. In the pic she looks like she’s tagging along. Even Paris is getting married, and Tara is still partying it up like a 20 yr old. That’s just sad and pathetic.

  12. that girl

    Dammit Tara! You’re hurting me! Let Go!

  13. Cora

    Tara Reid is concentrating very hard on not letting her boobs slip out.

  14. barfbag

    “Chelsea” is clearly blind….

  15. ilostmyshoe

    Why does Tara Reid look like a washed up has been ? I’m thinking she is our generation’s Farrah. Get that girl a reality show !

  16. betty boop

    God Please lets not get her a reality show. thats they last thing I want to watch is another Show about someone who is trying to boost there celb status.

    Lets face it hon, You are a has been american pie girl and no one wants to see your drunk ass anymore.

  17. Someone stole the sleeves off of that poor man’s sweat shirt. He will probably die of cold tonight when he is asleep on a park bench.

    Oh wait… I forgot that dumb rich people try to look like a hobo coming down off of a paint huff.

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