Tara Reid Frames Her Rack

March 27th, 2006 // 18 Comments

Who needs Clinton and Stacey when we have Tara Reid as a constant reminder of what not to wear.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. LeeAnne

    OH. MY. GOD. I would NOT walk out of my house with something like that on! What was she thinking???

  2. Draya

    Tara Reid is one drunken binge away from o.d’ing. She looks like hell! The boobs look like two cantaloupes strapped to her chest.

  3. spark

    shows that money does not buy class …

  4. picklejuice

    holy shit..that dress is ugly.

  5. LeeAnne

    Okay, I HAD to take another look at that disaster of a dress, and I noticed something…the straps to her handbag, are those handcuffs? Sure looks like it to me…but I don’t know…any comments?

  6. spark

    lee anne, you’re right they are handcuffs. horrible choice of dress and accessories.

  7. Silasdog

    I love it when one of these bimbos gets their photo taken with a stupid outfit. Her breasts look a bit swollen. Is it milk?

  8. LeeAnne

    Thanks SPARK! I wasn’t sure if I was seeing things! She really has gone downhill…

  9. Cattt

    Tara always looks much, much older.

  10. Dirty


  11. Gawky

    I can’t believe no one has noticed this; that’s the same dress Paris wore to her b-day party (or something) that sparked a bunch of pregnancy rumors. Check this link, second entry down the page:

    Tara really could have picked a better dress, but I’m sure that dress could make anyone look bad.

  12. timmons622

    This is what happens when one gets dressed in the middle of a black-out.

    I’m sure she looks at this pic and wonders, “When was THAT taken???”

  13. adgirl

    Can someone please change the sign behind her to say “Mercedes Benz Fashion Weak”?

  14. Canuck

    I swear, I can just imagine the sound of those old schoolyard rubber balls bouncing on the pavement when I look at those knockers.

  15. k

    she looks like she stuffed her dress with waterballoons… don’t get too close! they might explode

  16. jjr

    Dear god is she competeing with pamela anderson. At least pamela can say she had kids but whats tara’s excuse. She looks all hunched over because she can’t carry them. “I can’t take the wait captain they going to blow”… She has the worst taste in everything….

  17. smroxs

    I was beginning to wonder if she was still alive… hadn’t seen here grace these pages for a while. The over sized breasts are bad enough but the handcuff purse it just plain skanky. But I guess for the gal on the go who doesn’t have time to run home and get them after picking up some coked out loser at the bar it’s the perfect accessory!

  18. fairmaiden

    Damn doesnt this chick look in the mirror before she gets dressed? Someone needs to tell her that her sense of style sucks. ugh! Hope she got this mess for free cuz it sure isnt worth anything.

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