Tara Reid & Dennis Rodman: Which Bitch Is Crazier?

Yesterday we showed you the reigning Ms. Hot Mess Tara Reid partying it up with her ex-fiance, but then out of nowhere comes former Ms. Hot Mess Dennis Rodman.

Now what I love about these pictures is that I feel they are having this conversation:

Rodman: “Bitch…you’re crazy.”

Reid: “Noooo, BITCH, you’re crazy.”

Rodman: “No, you the crazy one.”

Reid: (Vomits) “If I’m crazy, then you’re just a bitch.”

This would continue probably until about 4 a.m. until one of them actually pushed the other over the side of the yacht they are partying on.

Ps: LOVE the suede/velour grape pants…classy! She also forgot to wear her underwear. Check out those uncensored pics at the end of the gallery.