Tara Reid And Lindsay Lohan Air Out The Boobs

January 24th, 2005 // 15 Comments

Wouldn’t it be fun if we both wore pink tops?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Oy!! Tara, Tara, Tara!! Honey, you wear a pretty tittie top only when you actually have pretty titties.

  2. MT

    Tara Reid looks deformed.

  3. curious

    Is that an old pic? Lindsay isn’t looking skeletal. Tara looks 20 years older than her real age.

  4. Jen

    God Tara Reid looks tore up.

  5. saint

    You’ve gotta admit, those are some cute tops.

  6. knockaroundgirl

    Perfect opportunity to use my favorite line from the Fast and the Furious [Sniff, Sniff...] “I smell, skanks.”

  7. amyfisher

    tara’s sandals are ugly.

  8. rachel

    tara’s boobs are extremely saggy

  9. That is one of my all time favourite pics.

  10. mso

    Lindsay Lohan is young and stupid, she has that excuse, but Tara Reid? That girl is so desperate it’s not even funny. Really. There is absolutely no fun in mocking her anymore. It’s too easy. And the worst part is, she’s never going away. People who are that desperate for attention will stop at nothing to still be talked about. I predict a future of tabloid (and blog) coverage of Tara Reid stint(s) in rehab, her increasing reliance on plastic surgery, her attempts to resuscitate a career best described as still-born. *Shudder*

  11. mara

    Tara: “ok, so you’re wearing your low cut pink tittie tank?”

    Lindsay: “yeah, ok, and also a lil choker.”

    Tara: “ok, great, so me too.”

    I love when girls go out dressed the same!

  12. rachel

    did anyone else notice tara’s “pearl necklace”?

  13. Steve

    Is it me or does the young Miss Lohan have the makings of a fat assed soccer mom. BEEP BEEP BEEP **WIDE LOAD*** Tara looks like it’s just physically draining to lug her Frankentits around in that L.A. heat.

  14. Sou

    Geez… Mary Kate and Ashley are takin that twin-outfits thing too far.

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