Tara Reid’s Looking Hot

This guy really snagged himself a hot piece. Here’s Tara Reid hopefully being escorted to some sort of clinic by Lily Allen’s brother Alfie Allen in London. I hope he’s had all his shots. How does this slag afford all the globe trotting? She must be handing out blowjobs like candy in first class. I know if I was straight, nothing would get my junk at attention more than a semi-conscious plastic surgery disaster hag “actress” vomiting on me in the cab and asking over and over if I love her. A certain percentage of the population wonders why some men are gay. I direct you to this photo, kind sir.

UPDATE: That’s not Alfie Allen. Our bad. Alfie’s way younger. We made a mistake. That guy is still a poor bastard, though. Godspeed, stranger!

Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com

Tags: Drunk, Tara Reid