Tara Reid Stinks

November 26th, 2007 // 7 Comments

Literally. “Scrubs” creator Bill Lawrence allegedly told people at the New York Comedy Festival that Tara Reid was his least favorite guest star to have appeared on the show. Why? It wasn’t that she wasn’t a nice person, he says, but she stank of “booze and cigarettes”. Why does this seem like the most truthful story we’ve ever run? Is there anything worse than someone who doesn’t smoke near a breeze and smells like an ashtray? No offense to my ashy peeps, but stand in an open area where there’s wind or something so you don’t smell like a shut-in who only ventures out to buy cartons of Newports at BJ’s once a month. And their walls are all yellow. We all know someone like that.

Photos: PacificCoastNews.com

By J. Harvey

  1. Persistent Cat

    I call him Dad.

  2. stolidog

    fur = death.
    tara = stank.

  3. No way! This can’t be truth. She’s too beautiful

  4. Melissa

    I was actually there at the New York Comedy festival and Bill Lawrence said that in a joking manner. After he said that, he even said watch this be in every tabloid ‘Bill Lawrence thinks Tara Reid Stinks.’

  5. Zelda F.

    Cat, you’re on a funnier than usual streak today! Well, I for one am absolutely DELIGHTED that Tara is back in the public eye. She’s been gone WAY too long. She always provides such great fodder for gossip sites, with her falling down drunk, tit flashing, whore mongering ways. I welcome Tara back!!! I hope she livens up the hollywierd scene and soon! With Paris, Lindsey and Nicole out of the mainstream, we need a new leader!!! Yeah Tara!!!! Go forth and party hardy!!!!

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