Tara Reid Goes Back to the Drawing Board

After going public over her botched plastic surgery, Tara Reid has revealed the latest upgrades on her 30-year-old body, which is already something of a plastic surgery veteran. The Daily Mail reports that Tara’s had her boobs fixed and couldn’t be happier with the new ladies.

“I originally did it because I had one breast bigger than the other,”

“But I also gained and lost weight so they were getting saggy and in Hollywood you have to look great.”

But now she after having the procedures corrected, she said: “I feel like a girl again…I walk out of the shower now and it’s like wow I’m back.”

Well, not to encourage this kind of body mutilation, I do have to say that her boobs at least do look decent. Not real, but decent.


More photos of Tara Reid in her red bikini are after the jump.


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