Tara Conner Was So Horny At A “New York Dog” Cover Shoot, She Couldn’t Sit Still

January 9th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Despite the fact that her antics have been the impetus for the tiresome Rosie vs. Donald feud, I have to admit that I love reading about the wacky shit that Tara Conner has pulled during her reign as Miss America. The most recent little tid-bit has been about her behavior at a (I am not making this up, REPEAT, NOT making this up) a photo shoot for New York Dog magazine. Page Six of the New York Post reports:

Conner was supposed to grace the February cover and did a photo shoot. A spy said, “Tara seemed to be suffering from severe attention-deficit disorder and was ridiculously flirtatious with the [male] photo assistants.” Another insider said Conner can’t be on the cover because she went into rehab a day before she was set to give her interview.

There’s a filthy “Cat Fancy” joke in me somewhere, just dying to get out that I can’t quite figure out how to formulate at the moment. If it comes to me, I’ll let you know.

TARA’S One Hot Puppy [Page Six | New York Post]


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Deiter

    This story is super-duper weak.

  2. Natali

    Tara Conner is NOT miss America, shes Miss USA, miss America is a class act who doesnt pull crap like that

  3. no one

    Natali, you seem to forget Vanessa Williams was Miss America. They’re all whores while Miss America tries to play that they’re the “scholarship” pageant. Read about all the rumors all these years of contestants sleeping with local and national judges and many having abortions.

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