Tara Conner Was So Horny At A “New York Dog” Cover Shoot, She Couldn’t Sit Still

Despite the fact that her antics have been the impetus for the tiresome Rosie vs. Donald feud, I have to admit that I love reading about the wacky shit that Tara Conner has pulled during her reign as Miss America. The most recent little tid-bit has been about her behavior at a (I am not making this up, REPEAT, NOT making this up) a photo shoot for New York Dog magazine. Page Six of the New York Post reports:

Conner was supposed to grace the February cover and did a photo shoot. A spy said, “Tara seemed to be suffering from severe attention-deficit disorder and was ridiculously flirtatious with the [male] photo assistants.” Another insider said Conner can’t be on the cover because she went into rehab a day before she was set to give her interview.

There’s a filthy “Cat Fancy” joke in me somewhere, just dying to get out that I can’t quite figure out how to formulate at the moment. If it comes to me, I’ll let you know.

TARA’S One Hot Puppy [Page Six | New York Post]