Tara Reid Shows Off Her Tummy…Even Though We Didn’t Ask Her To [PHOTOS]

Oh, Tara Reid.  Tara, Tara, Tara Reid.  You’re married, you were on Celebrity Big Brother UK. It’s been a great three weeks for you.  Now you’re wearing a tourist hoodie and showing off your tummy.  That’s cute.

11 Photos Of A Bobble-Head Tara Reid

Why is it that TR always look few Budweisers short of sober?  From where I stand, sister’s still stuck in the year 2000 when she dropped 15 pounds and married her kohl eyeliner.  I’ve never seen anyone who’s had a more tumultuous relationship with her tummy that Reid.  When it’s lookin’ flat, that part of the body is on display 24/7.  When it’s not, Reid calls up Us Weekly for a quick “My stomach houses aliens” story.

PHOTOS: Open Your Eyes, Tara Reid

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