Tara Reid Gets Food Poisoning, Yet Still Looks Hungover [PHOTOS]

Tara Reid
The star posed for photos in Australia.
Ugh, don’t you hate it when your stomach gets all wonky after booze + cigarettes + boats + seafood?  I mean, it is the pits.  Last week, Tara Reid suffered a bout of food poisoning and injured herself on a jet ski.

Everyone’s favorite waste case has been see in St. Tropez having herself a grand old time, rolling out of nightclubs looking worse for wear and showing off her torso aboard yachts.  Last Tuesday, Reid was seen wearing an Adidas tracksuit while clutching her stomach.

“Don’t worry everyone I’m all good and heathy I got a seafood poisening and hurt my back on the jetski but I’m all better thanks for caring!” Reid, 35,  tweeted on Sunday (July 21st).  “Jetski’s are fun but you have to be safe they can be very dangerous!”