‘Tanning Mom’ Patricia Krentcil’s Action Figure Battles Pale Skin [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Well, even the crispiest of ladies get their 15 minutes of fame.  New Jersey mom Patricia Krentcil – who was arrested for taking her child tanning – now has an action figure doll.  Herobuilders.com unveiled a $29.95 plastic figure to gift to “all of your tanorexic friends.”  Isn’t that something?

Kristen Wiig seized an opportunity to impersonate Krentcil this weekend on Saturday Night Live.  Dressed in a leather jacket with a bow in her hair, Wiig wheezed from dehydration in between explaining how she perfects that tan of hers.  “Trust me, there are many men in New Jersey who would love to snap into this slim jim,” Wiig said, pointing to her beef jerky-colored body.

Krentcil caught the scene and told the New York Post that it was “well done.”  Z-I-N-G.  “The whole thing was hysterical,” she added.   

Apparently Krentcil injured her ankle, because she was seen in New Jersey sporting a bandage today.  Witnesses say that she was yelling expletives at her husband while the press continues to hound her.  

Catch the clip after the jump.