Talk Dirty To Me, Rikki Rocket

Photos: WENN

We have more details on the Rikki Rocket rape case. He’s the drummer for once hugely popular glam-metal band Poison, and he’s accused of rape. The incident in question allegedly took place in September of 2007 at a casino in Mississippi. Rocket, whose real name is Richard Ream (that doesn’t bode well), was staying at the Silver Star Hotel & Casino. He is accused of raping a female hotel guest in his room.

The woman in question didn’t come forward until several days after the alleged assault. The Neshoba County Sheriffs department then issued a warrant, which is still active.

LA cops busted him at LAX on Monday night, but let him go because Mississippi authorities decided not to extradite him until official charges are filed. The Neshoba County DA has to file those.

Rocket performs as a two-piece with his fiancée Melanie Martel, and had to cancel a recent gig playing at a coffee shop in Newhall, CA “due to what’s going on”.

I’m just going to buy all the Poison I can on iTunes and try to make the bad memories go away. This whole sitch is not very “Unskinny Bop.” I know this means nothing, but he seems kind of….old lady-ish to be a rapist. I know Poison’s whole gig was to look like trannies, but he always seemed like he was really into it. And now he looks like your wild aunt who never got married, but is still wearing the mini-skirts and halter-tops and trying to rub her boobs on the best man.

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