Take What? Robbie Williams & Gary Barlow Do “Brokeback” Duet

For the first time in 15 years, Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow teamed up since the good old days of Take That for their first duet called “Shame.” The real shame is that the song is fairly blase and the video, which I think is meant to be cute and funny, is just as lame.

They clearly play off the Brokeback Mountain theme, but it just ends up rather bizarre.

The single is on Williams’ upcoming greatest hits album In And Out Of Consciousness and fans will likely be able to catch the duet live, as Take That reform for an album and some live shows. Beyond that, they weren’t willing to commit to much more. Williams notoriously left the band and there had been bad blood for many years between him and the other four members.

Asked about the future, Barlow said: “I don’t know the answer to that. We agreed when we started – it’s 20 years since we began, it’s our 20th year for all of us – to do a one-off album and maybe a one-off tour would be a great thing this year.”

The five Take That members met up 18 months ago in Williams’s home city of Los Angeles, California, after keeping their distance since 1995.

“We had that big chat and the most amazing thing happened at the end of it. We both said sorry to each other and we both meant it and that was all we needed. It just lifted so much off my shoulders that I didn’t know was still there.” Barlow added: “I spent the last 15 years thinking about what I was going to say.”
I guess it’s like estranged brothers coming back together again. Check out the guys outside of the Radio One studios in London earlier today!

Who would you rather: Gary or Robbie?