Take Notes, John Travolta

That was some shellac-looking hair she had going on at that event. Jenny McCarthy talked to our spiritual leader Oprah about her son’s autism on yesterday’s show.

Initially, neurologists believed Evan had epilepsy, by McCarthy’s “mommy instinct,” as she called it, thought that not to be the case. Finally, a doctor said to her, “‘I’m sorry, but your son has autism.’ My mommy instinct said, ‘This man is right.’ I didn’t want to believe him … but … this man is right. I felt like death.”

Jenny said that she went on to research her son’s condition, and that her mantra of “hope, faith, and recovery” is producing results. We’d like to thank Jenny for not ignoring her son’s plight because of some crazy space religion. Anyway, check out this link. That’s the “Autism Speaks” website. Check it out to get informed, or involved, or to make a donation. Do it or I’m not recapping about “Runway” this season!