Take A Sneak Peak At Dreamgirls

January 12th, 2006 // 6 Comments

How is the production moving along? Well it the rumors from the IMDB boards are saving that Jennifer Hudson who plays Effie, is giving everyone an Effen hard time.

What is Hudson doing? -Just kinda like playing this whole thing like it’s a Target commercial or something? God. …

I’m sorry to say it but I knew it. I knew that newcomer Hudson was going to have a problem with this role. It’s like we’ve said all along gang; “Effie, we’ve all got pain!” Just because she knows how it feels to loose AI, doesnt qualify her to play Effie Melody White!

Hopefully they can iron out her wrinkles before they waste too much more film on her. You know, when she messed up AI, all you heard was all of these pitiful excuses, – AI is racist, AI wont let me sing full out, well if Hudson messes up this film she wont have any excuses to fall back on. If she turns out to be a lemon, it wont be because she wasn’t right for this role, or because someone was intimidated by her voice. I see this all the time with these vocalists, they have great voices, but they leave something to be desired in their acting.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Wronginfo

    Just so you know. This is all completely false. The person who said that admitted that they were never on set. So please don’t spread unecessary rumors about Jennifer Hudson or the film.

  2. bestdress

    wronginfo, just so you know this is a gossip site.lol
    But I do agree that wait for the rumors let the girl arrive first. You are right she really has a voice! Wow that girl can sing!

  3. doofus

    good to hear this is purely rumor and not true.

    I liked Jennifer Hudson on AI…I think she got short-changed because she’s a “plus-sized” woman. And she came off as so grounded and nice, it’s hard for me to believe she’s causing problems on the set.

  4. blacktigerboy

    Let The Move Speak For Itself.

  5. blacktigerboy

    Let The Movie Speak For Itself.

  6. Alejandro

    If u wanna talk AI, Talent, and being plus-sized — I STILL think Frenchie Davis would’ve been better for the role of EFFIE WHITE in this movie. She was the one picked up for the off-Broadway revival and she belted the hell out of the song on AI.

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