Take A Peek At Adam Lambert’s Instagram Photos To Learn How Fabulously Perfect He Is

Did You Know?
Out Magazine crowed Adam the most eligible bachelor.
Ever since Adam Lambert crossed my radar with his appearance on American Idol, I knew I would love this man forever.

Back in 2009, I watched his first music video for “Whataya Want From Me” and my adoration for this man grew exponentially in just a few short minutes.

After viewing his Instagram numerous times, I can say that one social media platform solidified my fondness for him.

“For Your Entertainment” is by far my favorite song by the artist. I don’t think another will ever top it. I admittedly fell in love with the hit song “Marry the Night” because of Lambert, but it’s still not on my list of top five favorites.

He showcases his wonderful life by taking funny photos with pals like Jared Leto, showing appreciation for Lady Gaga, and sharing photos of himself and his family.

What I’ve gathered by observing his postings is that he loves to have a good time and takes pride in his hard work.

Don’t take my word for it! Listen to your favorite songs by Adam, kick back, and peek through our gallery! Let us know your favorite Instapics in the comments below!