Tabloid Queen Angelina Jolie’s 10 Most Outrageous Magazine Covers

Angelina Jolie, Pre-Brad
Angelina's best red carpet moments before Brangelina.
Hollywood vixen Angelina Jolie has a reputation for shockingly odd behavior, which makes her a tabloid dream. Rumors continue to swirl around with ridiculous allegations across countless magazine covers. Jolie’s offbeat persona makes tabloid allegations highly believable. Yet, nine out of ten printed headlines are complete and utter fabrication.  Luckily, most people can figure out the fact from the fiction.

As you know, Brad Pitt  and Jolie are engaged. For real. So what will magazines report now? The engagement has been confirmed, so we can finally rule out not having to read any more ridiculous cover story lies. Until the couple is actually married, the secretly married headlines won’t cease to exist. We thought it would be fun to mash up the top 10 most outrageous tabloid covers that got it all so so so wrong.

Check out the  gallery above to view our  top 10 Jolie tabloid covers!