Sydney’s Hot for Hugh

He’s nearly 50 years old and he’s still got it.  At least, in Australia he does…

There to promote his new romcom, Did You Hear About The Morgans?, Hugh Grant discovered he still has a respectful representation of groupies in the Sydney area.  Many (to the tune of 1,500) waited frantically to catch a glimpse of the star at the film’s Australian screening.  On the red carpet, Grant was “thrilled with the reception,” and happily courted his fans for half an hour.  “It’s lovely, really welcoming and nice,” Grant said of the city, “I really do like Sydney.”

Grant raved of the film and working with co-star Sarah Jessica Parker, “I thought it was touching, romantic and working with Sarah Jessica, my second time, I just love her. I know people say that about their co-star, but I do.”  The film had a modest opening weekend in the US, but is still making its rounds with openings worldwide over the holidays.  As far as future projects go, Grant remarks, “I’m flirting with a couple of things. More than flirting – heavy petting,” he joked.  Coming from a guy who’s history includes romps with random prostitutes, I’m sure it was said with tongue in cheek.

Gallery Info:  Hugh Grant in Sydney, Australia