Sweetie, It’s Just Hair

September 30th, 2005 // 7 Comments

I finally watched this weeks past episode of America’s Next Top Model. Oh my God. If murder were legal, I’d off Cassandra in a split second. What an annoying woman. The woman wouldn’t stop crying over the loss of her hair. Girl, you didn’t lose it through radiation therapy, you’re on a reality show hoping to become a model, so shut the fuck up.

James St. James did a fabulous job as a guest judge. He reminisces on his experience.

The St. James Version [WOW Report]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. erica

    Amen, my sista!!!

  2. AER

    Sooooooooo obnoxious!

    I wanted her to get axed so much more than Ebony! Hates her!

  3. kendall

    She sooo needs a swift kick in the ass.

  4. caro

    ebony is the worst. they screwed up cassandra’s cut though…its too much hair on top of that delicate little face. she’ll be one of the next couple to go unless she shapes up

  5. K.Marie

    Was it me or did Tyra seem alittle to giddy when announcing that Cassandra would get the chop? I was personally hoping they would give that beauty queen brat a GI Jane buzz look.

  6. peter.

    ebony spoke through her teeth. i wouldn’t be able to watch that week in. week out. good riddance.

    cassandra. not a fan. but she’ll make for good television for a spell.

    it’s all about kim. she seems a bit of a smart ass. and i can get behind that. i’d like to take her to bars and parties. quality biting wit.

    and she’s a cute. albeit masculine. lesbian.

  7. Buntcake

    She had really long hair and they cut it all off…I would just assume that most people would have reacted the way she did. I think she’s adorable. Kim, on the other hand, is creepy…and not at all cute or attractive.

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