Sweet, Crazy Woman Adopts 1500 Dogs, 200 Cats

November 29th, 2010 // 7 Comments

A Chinese woman quit her job to take care of 1,500 stray dogs – which some would argue is a certain death for the dogs.

It would seem that Ha Wenjin gave up her business, sold her house, her car and jewellery to setup a unofficial dog rescue in Nanjing. What the hell would posess her to adopt so many damn animals? Oh a big heart. LAME!

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“At first I did this in my spare time, but as I gathered more and more abandoned pets, I had to work full time for them,” she said.

She has taken on 10 workers to help her look after the dogs – and another two to help care for 200 adopted cats at a second centre she has set up nearby.

Her project was uprooted when the government reclaimed the land for redevelopment and she’s had to find a new place that was far removed from any neighbors as you can imagine how much noise that many dogs could produce.

And her finances are so tight that relies on volunteer days when people bring hundreds of ‘pork buns’ to feed the dogs. You can’t even make this stuff up.

Best part of the story, she’s moving all the animals on four buses on December 4 and is in desperate need of chaperones and for those to help clean the vehicles after they are finished moving. Because then they are going to use them again for people? Sick.

By Justin Thompson

  1. gyla

    Good for her. we need more people like her. the animals need love and care too. i wish her loads of luck.

  2. Helen

    Don’t be so rude, will u. What she’s doing is a wonderful thing, even if she’s a bit impractical about it. It’s easy to hide behind ur keyboard and just toss words like “sick” and “u can’t even make this stuff up.” I’m curious, when is the last time u did something even remotely close to a nice gesture?

    Good for her.

    • I agree it is a great thing – but if she can’t afford to feed them, how great is it for the animals? It’s not. Like you said, it’s impractical. And don’t even think that you can hide behind your keyboard as well when you have no idea what I do with my life.

      You people get so up in arms about the silliest things. This is a gossip blog. About opinions. The end. We’re not the 700 club.

  3. Jennifer B

    I agree Helen. While I am all about the snark, the attitude this time just shows how absolutely shallow the writer truly is.

  4. Thewhyteman

    This writer of this shows how awful our culture is. The ones who are actually trying to make up for the rest of the a$$holes and do some good in the world get persecuted. Too bad there are not more like her out there.

    • She’s not doing anybody any good if she’s not neutering these animals, instead they are basically in just one giant dog orgy and thereby compounding the problem. Her heart is in the right place, but her execution is not in the best interest of the animals at all.

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