Swag Up Your Wardrobe Like Rihanna, Drake, And Gwen Stefani! [PHOTOS]

Gwen's Red Carpet Looks
45 of Gwen's most fabulous outfits!
It’s so detrimental to understand what swag can do for your wardrobe because accessories definitely make or break an outfit! The word swag has become a commonly used term in recent years and if your unfamiliar with its meaning fear no more, because I am here to guide you down the path of finding your own personal swagger!

If I were to give swag a one worded definition it would easily be confidence. All “havin’ swag” is at the end of the day is the confidence one has in the outfit they are wearing. As cliche as it might sound it’s SO true, just being comfortable in what you throw on makes it easier to exude confidence!

Rihanna might be the queen when it comes to trendsetting. She is always ten steps ahead of the fashion world and keeps us entertained with her daring style. What really makes RiRi rock every look is the fact that she is beyond confident and she has all right to be, that woman could make a trash bag look trendy and effortless! Her style is a perfectly blended mixture of casual edginess and grunge.

Drake’s an all star when it comes to having style for days! Drake has ladies hooked from that first glance; between his gorgeous looks and that bad boy persona he can do no wrong! Drake’s swag is incredibly sexy because it’s so laid back. He’s always dressed to the nines but makes it look like no big deal! I know it sounds like I just contradicted myself but I swear he has this way about him that even though he’s so well put together he illuminates effortlessness!

Last but certainly not least, Gwen Stefani is a perfect example of having unique style. Gwen’s style is so fabulous she has the whole world trying to be Harajuku Girls! She really moves to the beat of her own drum and it works for her! Gwen’s swag is confidence based for sure but it’s also her just being daring and pushing fashion buttons. Gwen’s always rockin’ a fresh up-do or making headliners with her clothing line; she’s even passed the fashion torch down to her kids who are little style-istas themselves!

So ladies and gents I bid you adieu but I hope this swag guide finds you well and helps you all embark down your own path to ultimate SWAGGG! Just remember it’s not about what your wearing it’s about how you look and feel when wearing it!