Susan Boyle Doesn’t Have Quite Enough Talent After All

May 30th, 2009 // 8 Comments

In an upset that was heard around the world, Susan Boyle, the 48-year-old virgin singing prodigy, lost out Britain’s Got Talent TV contest to a cheesy dance troupe.

The dance group Diversity (below, second thumbnail from left) won the contest. The 10-member troupe from Essex, England, and London receives $160,000 and will perform at the Royal Variety Performance in front of the Queen.

Boyle had been expected to triumph after her performance in April of “I Dreamed a Dream” catapulted her to international superstardom. She sang the same song in Saturday’s final, but rousing though the performance was, it was not enough to trump the outsiders Diversity, who won by public vote.

It just wasn’t meant to be for poor Susan.

Gallery Info: Images from the Britain’s Got Talent Finale

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. LT

    Screw you, “poor Susan” is going to do just fine!!! Winning the competition doesn’t mean as much as a shoe in record deal which she will have and millions will buy it! Give me a break!

  2. velcrodots

    Did you *see* diversity though?!? They were amazing! I rated Diversity, Shaheen Jarafoughli, Aiden Davis, Stavros Flatley and Flawless over Boyle. Each to their own, I say. I hope all the finalists suceed in reaching the top with their talents cos they all deserve to.

  3. queenofdiamonds

    Scoff all you want, but something tells me that the world still has not seen the last of Susan Boyle yet. BGT has been some darn good exposure for her…I’ll bet she’ll have a lot of career opportunities coming her was even though she lost the finals. I for one will purchase her CD when it’s released :)

    Moreover, I wouldn’t be surprised if she DOES meet a nice fellow becaues of her BGT experiences.

  4. Calico

    There was a backlash at Susan here in the UK after all the fame and hype surrounded her from the auditions. Many said that she wasnt as good as she was made out to be and, all credit to her and her good but not amazing voice, but frankly on the night of the final, there were better acts than her.

    Diversity deserved to win, all the effort that went into the routine they themselves choreographed in 6 days showed and they really were amazing. (not the cheesy dance group)

    Then again, I think I would have preferred even Stavros Flatly – the greek/irish joke dance act that at least were really quite funny, over Susan Boyle’s performance – which wasn’t really anything too special, she was also almost outdone by a 10 year old girl on the night.

  5. Rubber Duckie

    I’m glad she didn’t win to be brutally honest. Sure she has got a fairly good singing voice, but I felt she was getting all the exposure due to her life story than her talent. Look at the first line of the story here…”the 48-year-old virgin singing prodigy”. Says it all.

    Also, Diversity aren’t a “cheesy dance troupe”. They put on a frankly amazing show, which showed off their talents in both dancing, choreography, dedication and team work. I’m glad they won as they deserved it.

    On a side note, did we want to see yet another singer get through. It’s time the Queen and other members of the royal family saw something a bit different and something a little more in common with whats going on in the world today.

    Shame Susan Boyle couldn’t have come 3rd, Julian Smith had far more talent!

  6. T-Bone

    Just because someone has a great singing voice does not mean they’re destined for super-stardom. It requires far more than a great voice to be famous. You have to have that all-around something unique. She doesn’t appear to have that.

  7. blessedlife

    simon has said that he will help her and handle her carrer, hes not stupid, he knows just by the amount of people that viewed the 1st u tube video, that she will be a money maker and hey she did great, good to see someone not so self absorbed in their own heads.a very sweet woman who deserved what came to her!

  8. Jenni K. (Another Susan Boyle Might've been!!: :o)

    Well said Calico! Spot on. My tale is so similar and I’m much older – though I’ve been kissed a few times etc..!! Actually, so has Miss Boyle. Check out the Internet. Lots of Vids coming out of the Woodwork now – including one of her on Barrymore’s “My Kind Of People” – where she snogs him at the end! Some of these Vids are 20 – 25 years ago. She doesn’t appear at all shy, and yes – she has a good voice – but that’s all – good, not great. She apparently sang in clubs as I did for years – and still do when I get the chance. Only difference is I was in Bands. Always been told my voice is good – some say great – but I know it’s a Club Circuit Voice! Think I’ll enter BGT next time around though, as I sing all the kind of Songs she does. Got Professional Backing Tracks for “I Dreamed a Dream” and many more – about 400! I’m over 60 but it looks like if your voice is only “good” you can become famous for 5 minutes because you’re getting on a bit, had a bit of a traumatic life, etc..etc.. Maybe it wouldn’t work for me though, as I still like to dress modern and I’m not frumpy. Come to that – nor was S. Boyle’s Dress in the Auditions. And you could see she’d done it loads of times before – as we are now seeing from the Videos. Not quite the story we were fed – “shy” frumpy Spinster etc.. Still – I wish her well – but wish she’d told the truth too.

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