Susan Boyle Breaks US Record With Debut Album

Shortly after Susan Boyle’s collection of famous covers, I Dreamed a Dream, smashed the UK record for the fastest-selling debut album, the singer did the same for the American music charts.

More than 700,000 in sales has earned the former Britain’s Got Talent contestant the biggest U.S. debut for 2009 and also represents that most successful debut album by a female solo artist since Ashanti’s self-titled album in 2002.

High-profile Susan Boyle supporter, Simon Cowell, congratulated his protegee in a statement by saying, “I’m incredibly proud of Susan and delighted for her. This success couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.” And one more willing to spread holiday cheer to her fans in person.

Over the summer, the Scottish singer suffered from a nervous breakdown due to the pressure of her sudden fame. However, this news should keep her in good cheer!

Gallery Info: Susan Boyle outside her home in Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland in the Christmas spirit by donning a Santa hat and signed her new CD for fans.