Susan Boyle Kicks Taylor Swift To The Curb

Awkward Susan Boyle photo of the day. There’s something about this picture that unsettles me. Perhaps it’s her expression. Perhaps it’s that she’s dressed in all black. Perhaps it’s that I don’t know if she’s caressing the tree or ripping down a branch and going to beat me with it.

Regardless, I thought you should know that Ms. Boyle, who just recently released her second album, kicked Taylor Swift down from the pole position of the Billboard Top 200.

Yep, despite her awkwardness and totally non-mainstream style, Boyle is still H.B.I.C.

“Singing is the best job in the world, it really is fantastic. I’m just an ordinary woman who showed a bit of determination and this is what has happened. To have a second No.1 album is wonderful and something I never expected,” the crooner said upon hearing the news.

Boyle’s The Gift – which features such classics as “The First Noel” and “O Holy Night” – sold more than 317,600 copies in its first week.

And her album shows no signs of slowing down in sales now that we’re officially in the holiday season.