Surprise! Heather Mills Branded Monster By Nanny

Working for Heather Mills  sounds almost as bad as working for Naomi Campbell. Mills’ publicist spoke out against her in 2008 basically saying she was an impossible biatch. Now her former nanny is breaking her silence by suing Mills for sex discrimination for unfair treated when she became pregnant. Which means she is also ready to fill us in on the dirt.

According to The New York Post  Sara Trumble, who was hired to take care of Beatrice, Mill’s daughter with Sir Paul McCartney, is claiming that Mills became “bitter and high strung” after her split from McCartney (echoing the publicist’s sentiment.) She says her former employer instructed Trumble to say wonderful things about her to a documentary crew while she was actually treating her terribly. Thankfully Trumble has some examples to share:

1. Mills made Trumble feel “awkward, upset and embarrassed” when she would constantly ask if Jamie Walker (Mill’s boyfriend) ever flirted with her.

2. Mills would make sure that Walker was always with her when she had to see Paul “as if to make a show of him”

3. When Trumble became pregnant in 2007 Mills demanded she come with her and Bea when she went to the US for Dancing With The Stars.

4. When she went on maternity leave Mills left her a message wanting to know when she was returning to work. “[I]t was something about Bea not having a nanny. It was a really rude, horrible message, and I was reduced to tears.”

5. When she did return to work Trumble was given the additional tasks of paperwork and cooking meals for Millls and then her employer announced at a staff meeting that Trumble would also become a full-time cleaner.

For shame, Heather. I’m not entirely sure how this adds up to sex discrimination, but whatever its label it doesn’t sound good. Even if this isn’t true and there’s some gold digging going on, then I guess karma’s also a bitch. Here’s Mills at some kind of cooking demo.