Surprise Acoustic Cover Of “Get Low” By Lil Jon Performed In A Coffee Shop [VIDEO]

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Coffee Shop Acoustic Cover Of "Get Low" By Lil Jon

Warning: This cover is NSFW, but only because of the language. You probably shouldn’t listen to it around young children if you don’t want them picking up curse words.

Other than that, listen freely.

Following its release in 2003, the hit song “Get Low”, which was originally by Lil Jon has been heard literally everywhere. Whether you were in the clubs, at a school formal, or just driving down the street, you’ve heard the song.

What I find most interesting is what sets this cover apart from the numerous out there. 

Unlike the others, this one was performed in a coffee shop. That sounds relatively normal, but it’s not. None of the people in the coffee shop were suspecting a free concert.

Can you imagine sitting in a Starbucks and hearing this song being sung? I’d be really confused by the entire situation. Seeing reactions from the onlookers is hilarious.

The original song is still preferred, despite my love for acoustics.

Give the song a listen and then let us know in the comments below what you think about it!

By Erin Cosgrove

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