Surprise! 20 Celebs Who Have Tattoos [PHOTOS]

10 Dumbest Celeb Tattoos
Check out these ridiculous tattoos.
Some people view tattoos as trashy, a waste of money, a permanent mark on your skin that will never fade away. Others view them as beautiful works of art that can enhance your life and its meaning.

Then there are the people who think they are enhancing their life and actually end up with a horrid piece of permanent ink on their body. I guess in any situation there are the good, the bad, and inevitably the ugly.

Check out this gallery to see what stars chose inspiring images or phrases for their bodies, and those who could have thought that one out a bit longer (see spell check, or an ex-husbands name…). Whether they’re beautiful or stupid, there is usually an extremely interesting story behind the decision, so read on to see the meanings behind the body art on these 20 celebs.




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