Suri Cruise to Fall into the Gap

August 16th, 2007 // 28 Comments

With Shiloh Jolie-Pitt getting her film career started, Suri Cruise is feeling the pressure of being a celebrity child and is now doing a little product endorsement. The progeny of TomKat has landed herself a deal with Baby Gap. She’ll be modeling for the stores as the star of a new advertising campaign for the brand. At the tender age of sixteen months, she already has had a Vanity Fair photo shoot with Annie Liebovitz and probably just needs to be careful that her career by the age of three. Baby steps, Suri. Baby steps.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. lex

    ugh! katie looks like she’s 60 years old…what is she wearing?? and that burberry’s gotta go

  2. nastybugger

    there is NO way on earth that Suri is only 16 months.

  3. Kat

    Who puts Burberry on a 16-month-old baby??? She is so cute, but she’d be cute in a burlap bag. She doesn’t need designer duds. That dress retails for around $200!!!

    I guess she’ll need to start earning her keep with her Gap campaign.

  4. newfgirl

    It’s high time Suri stopped sponging off her parents and started earning her keep.

  5. T-Bone

    Suri is darling! But one would think that these celebrity parents would do just about anything to keep their children OUT of the spotlight and away from the fame game. Not so, I guess.

  6. green cardigan

    T-Bone, you took the words out of my mouth. What is it with these celebrities farming their young out to work at such a young age? Is their lust for attention that strong? Are they that hungry for money?

  7. T-Bone

    It must be a “we have the cutest baby” competitive thing, among celebs, because we all know it’s not for Suri’s college tuition. I say let kids be kids for at least a little while. Don’t put them to work on adult sets so early.

  8. alice


  9. green cardigan

    T-Bone, It may not be the college fund but I suppose it will help pay the therapy bills later on.

    I can just see Tom C going for the ‘cutest baby’ competition with all the might in his short little body. In fact, he could win though. Suri is beautiful. When I see photos of her little face and brown hair I think ‘bless’.

  10. Katie O'Sullivan

    First of all, don’t worry about the retail of the dress, they get EVERYTHING for free.

    Second, I love my husband to death, but don’t have to kiss him every 15 minutes. No matter how much you love someone, to be with them for a few years and still kissing all the time is just strange (unless you’re in the closet and need to get pics taken to have people believe you, I guess).

  11. londongrl

    What’s interesting to me, is that for the first 6 months of Suri’s existence, she was kept out of the spotlight b/c they wanted their privacy. Then, after the wedding, the number of photo ops have been outrageous. Now Baby Gap ads?? Something doesn’t add up. She is definitely older than 16 months – that’s why we didn’t see her at all those first 6 months. And they’re always carrying her with a blanket and a bottle?? To make her look younger? Freaks.

  12. vegasfan

    Don’t these people have enough fucking money already? Why are they subjecting their child to more public exposure? She is a baby for christsakes!At least they have $$ for lots of therapy because she’s going to resent them later. Maybe they’re putting her to work to finance their latest Scientology brainwash. They are fame whores, really. Poor darling Suri.

  13. T-Bone

    Yeah Londongrl – she looks almost 2 years old, doesn’t she? But what does that mean exactly? I mean seriously, whose kid is she? She looks just like both Katy and Tom.

  14. kitchenergirl

    I agree… they don’t need the money. But what the heck are TomKat wearing? They both look like ridiculous old people.

  15. green cardigan

    I love the photo of Tom in the helicopter. The expression on both their faces is priceless . Tom looks like he is forcing down a smile of glee ‘look at me! look at me! I’m such a stud’ and the other guy’s expression says ‘WTF? I wish he’s take his hand off my leg’.

  16. stingrae

    As much as I hate this couple (but love baby Suri) I have to say that I think she really could be 15 months old. My daughter was born only a week after Suri and they look a lot alike. My daughter has lots of thick hair too. Look at Tom and Kate… they both have really dark and think hair. Suri is theirs and she’s only 15 months, the end. They are still freaks though and I hate them.

  17. I think Suri looks an awful lot like Katie’s ex-boyfriend. Is it just me?

  18. barbie

    The whole family looks gorgeous. Casual, well-dressed and very much together. About the ‘forced kiss’…god’s sake, the paps probably took a million photos but chose to sell a certain selection – the ones guaranteed to make them a lot of money. Kissing photos are VALUABLE! Agree Katie dresses old for her age, but at least she’s not showing her BUTT CRACK or huge BOSOMS or her privates without knickers. Is that what all you ‘critic’ want? Because yeah she looks kinda boring but definitely very respectable too.

  19. ZeldaF

    anonymous – NO!! It’s NOT just you!! I agree 100%!!! Look at Suri’s eyes, she’s the spit and image of Chris Klein. I have to wonder about the theory of the baby being born months earlier, and that they kept her out of the press until the timing of the birth would make her appear to be Toms. Ok, sounds crazy, but makes one wonder, doesn’t it??? And WHY are those 2 dressed the way they are? What the hell are they wearing? And one more thing and I’ll conclude my rant. Can’t Tom get a decent hair cut? Looks like mama lifted his short little body onto a stool, stuck a bowl over his head and went at him with the Ron Kopeal home hair clippers. Ok, I feel better.

  20. green cardigan

    ZeldaF – I think that is his Hitler hairdo for his new WWII movie (his latest desperate Oscar bid).
    Agreed it does nothing for him. It acentuates his large beaky nose and beady eyes.

  21. nastybugger

    anon, as Zelda said, it’s NOT just you.

    she looks like she could be Josh Harnett’s kids, IMO. Katie had a brief fling with him in between the relationship with Klein and before she became the stepford wife. I think she mostly looks like Katie, but a little like Hartnett, too.

    and zelda, please don’t think I’m ragging on you here…but it’s “spitting image”.

  22. BabyGater

    Oh THANK YOU ZeldaF for mentioning that horrible hair! I do not get the “styles” that are in for guys lately, they are all plastered to their heads, or that hideously ugly Owen Wilson type hair, you know, longish and all styled as to be “messy-looking”, but STILL plastered to their foreheads? It is SO UGLY and unflattering, it makes the guy look like he’s got Down Syndrome! And Katie’s clothes make me sad. Nobody is saying that she should dress like a slut, but she doesn’t need to dress like a grandma! My 56-year old mother dresses more stylish than Katie! You can dress classy and stylishly without looking ugly and frumpy, and those pants that Katie is wearing are definitely frumpy. They make her look like she has cankles, are too high-waisted, and they have pleats. PLEATS, for God’s sake! Who wears pleated pants any more? They went out of style for a very good reason…they are HIDEOUS, and are absolutely unflattering on everyone. She is a very pretty girl, and can do better. Just because she is a mother does not mean she cannot dress cute, and stylish. Her kid is dressed cuter than she is! Suri is adorable, but I HATE her freaking haircut! That idiotic bowl cut that people put on children should be banned. My mother did it to me, and I am STILL trying to get over the humiliation. Why people try and dork their kids up is beyond me. At least her outfit isn’t stupid like a lot of kids…if there’s anything I hate, it’s children’s clothes with the stupid pastel colors, dumb animals, and dorky, frou-frou cutesy crap. I hope Katie keeps dressing her like this. She may not be able to dress herself well, but if she keeps this up, I will be very proud of her. It is not easy to find non-cutesy crap for kids. Not everyone wants their kids to look like a cotton candy cloud threw up on them….

  23. londongrl

    There was a blind item some time ago which was clear it was about Suri Cruise – anyway, it said her real father was a cameraman. At this point, I’d believe anything. With the exception of TomKat actually having sex.

  24. LJ

    Katie’s pants wtf? She used to be an individual, it’s really sad. She had a sense of life within her, but after the ‘princess’ phase before the belly got big enough for people to notice, she’s become the most lifeless, dead-eyed young woman I’ve seen.

    It’s really sad to see people loose their spark like that.

    What’s with these young women going for older men who have become an idea of some sort, giving away their sense of self and letting them define them?

    Why would anyone let another person define them? It’s a conscious renouncement to life.

  25. Cara

    WTF!!! Don’t these people look in the mirror before they go out in public? Katie!!! That has to be the UGLIEST outfit I’ve ever seen! Get thee to a stylist NOW!

  26. Barbadiva

    Those pant/skirt things look just horrible on Katie. Just horrible. I can’t look at her anymore.

  27. CuteBaby

    Where are his other two kids?



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