Suri Cruise Rocks The Chocolate Mustache

March 31st, 2009 // 7 Comments

And she wears it so well.

Suri Cruise looked much happier this time the paparazzi caught her out and about with her mother Katie Holmes. The two were seen leaving the Scientology Celebrity Center in Hollywood and it appears that the evidence of Suri’s favorite afternoon snack was resting squarely on her upper lip.

This reminds me of something Suri once told me: “There are few problems chocolate frosting can’t solve. And those problems can usually be remedied by attaching a silencer.”

She’s a wise one, that Little Sur.

Gallery Info: Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes leaving the Scientology Celebrity Center.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Mia

    They must be visiting Tommy’s other 2 kids inprisioned against their will at the ‘Scientology Kids Work Camp.’
    Or perhaps just another deprogramming mind meld session.

  2. LeslieD

    LOL, such a cute picture–I am surprised that they let her have chocolate since all you hear is how tom is a control freak. Goes to show that suri wears the pants in this family ;-).

  3. Mary

    It’s good to know at least one child who is not on psych drugs pushed by the drug company pimps (the psychs)HEY, check out the “latest video” at — which helped set the the stage for juries to convict more than 300 psychs between Jan 2008 and Jan 2009.

  4. Kitty

    Scientologists allow their children to eat chocolate?

  5. elizabitch

    It’s good to know that they are already training Suri for her lifetime role as a beard…

  6. Znmixywg

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  7. ultram addictions

    If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.

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