Suri Cruise is Spoiled

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have a hard time saying no to Suri, and it’s all due to Scientology.

A source said, Tom and Katie have a hard time saying no to Suri. It’s all about being positive and supportive. Scientology advises parents to try to be the child’s friend. They don’t scold their children, but instead explain that bad behaviour is the ‘wrong action’.

Tom and Katie are very lenient with Suri and don’t like to give her too many rules. Suri pretty much does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. They always want to please her. Suri, who is still too young to take Scientology classes, is also constantly surrounded by Scientologists and her two nannies are members of the ‘religion’.

So I’m assuming the reason why Suri is not wearing any shoes on a cool night in New York City is because she didn’t want to wear any.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online/WENN