Suri Cruise is Spoiled

October 20th, 2007 // 22 Comments

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have a hard time saying no to Suri, and it’s all due to Scientology.

A source said, Tom and Katie have a hard time saying no to Suri. It’s all about being positive and supportive. Scientology advises parents to try to be the child’s friend. They don’t scold their children, but instead explain that bad behaviour is the ‘wrong action’.

Tom and Katie are very lenient with Suri and don’t like to give her too many rules. Suri pretty much does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. They always want to please her. Suri, who is still too young to take Scientology classes, is also constantly surrounded by Scientologists and her two nannies are members of the ‘religion’.

So I’m assuming the reason why Suri is not wearing any shoes on a cool night in New York City is because she didn’t want to wear any.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online/WENN

By Michael Prieve

  1. Hey Cupcake

    The reason she’s not wearing any shoes is because she wears a size 10 women’s. LOOK at those puppies!

  2. sandy

    Scientology along with all man-made religion is nuts. I’ll stick with Christianity and Judaism.

  3. Jinxy McDeath

    I know I let all 18 month olds make their own decisions, cuz they really do understand the consequences of their actions. I let my child make all my stock picks, and when she’s done I give her my credit cards too! When she waddles out into traffic I guess she’ll learn when she get run over or runs really fast. It’s a tough world out there.

  4. James

    Tom’s starting to look hot again!

  5. shoesale

    Gosh! It’s not Suri’s fault you all got treated like caca when you were kiddos! Lighten up fuckers!

  6. Kennedy

    lol at “shoesale”. I totally agree! Get the fuck over it. My childhood was fucked up and I just sucked it up and made something great of myself! :D

  7. I need more cowbell!

    Shoesale & Kennedy-Ha! Give anyone long enough and they will “confide” that their childhood was screwed up. Nice try though. One thing in this life is certain-children need structure and loving guidance. If you are your child’s best friend, you are a shitty parent.

  8. D

    UPDATE for f*cks sake!!! The gossip’s fresher than here on bloody these days.

  9. Jinxy McDeath

    Shoesale and Kennedy are humorless twunts, who needed to be beaten early and often. Since you two shortbus riders need a clue, this area is for making fun, much like this blog! Now go kick you dogs, and tivo Ellen ya twinkie eaters!

  10. egregious

    Sandy ….all religions are man-made u irrational buttmunch. I will stick with thinking for myself.

  11. gerard Vandenberg

    Do you think it’s strange? Being raised by a Tiny-Scientology-FAGGOT, including those(scaring for kids)FAKE-Sunglasses!!

  12. gerard Vandenberg


  13. gerard Vandenberg


  14. meh

    Sandy, all religion is man-made.

  15. OhSoLittleMouse

    When you have kids you’ll feel really bad about what you just wrote.

  16. Wendy

    Will Tom have trouble saying “no” to Suri if she wants to go to, say, a Christian church service in the future? Yeah, didn’t think so :-(

  17. OhSoLittleMouse

    The baby isn’t wearing any socks. Most babies don’t wear shoes unless they are walking and/or running around outside.

    Most parents put socks on their kids in situations like this, and the socks get pulled off like every other kid in the world.

    How you people can say such awful things about Tom as a parent blows my mind.

    Like I said earlier – if you all had any kids you wouldn’t be making those kind of awful statements.

  18. brandy

    Look, give me a break! The child is only 18 mos. old! My daughter is about the same age and I often let her go without shoes! Celebrity or religion has nothing to do with it. I tend to coddle my kids also and let them have their way at times and explain right from wrong and I don’t spank cause they are too young. Yes I believe in spankings!It’s not too early to inforce dissapline, but you have to do it differently because of there age. I talk to my kids too and they are good kids but then again they’re also toddlers and will act out! If you have kids and have a brain then you should know this to be true and not jugde others on how they raise their kids. It’s their right! would you want someone making comments on your methods? did’t think sooo..

  19. Loob

    I’m thinking that kid is actually an elaborate handpuppet. She looks all sort of bunchy.

  20. someone

    Im not a huge Tom fan, but don’t think hes being a bad parent, they both seem to love Suri, and she smiles a lot, so I think she is a happy little girl..I hope someday they don’t regret not putting down some rules and enforcing them with a little dicipline.

  21. T.J.

    If Tom and Katey don’t start putting down some rules, they could end up with a future Paris Hilton on their hands.

  22. Ella Johnston

    If Katie and Tom don’t pull down some rules now Suri in the future they will have a Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton in their hands

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