Suri Cruise is Katie Holmes’ Fashion Guru

Not surprisingly, during an interview on Live! With Regis and Kelly this morning, Katie Holmes revealed that daughter Suri Cruise is a mini fashionista and calls the shots when it comes to Katie’s fashion choices.

“Suri is very helpful. I go to her and I say, ‘What shoes?’ She picks
them out
. One time, actually many times, I’ll be getting ready for an
event or something and I’ll say, ‘Suri what do you think?’ And she’ll
say (Katie points) ‘Definitely those. Those,'” said Katie.

To boot, Suri will not let her mother walk out in any fashion duds as its a reflection on her as well!

“She won’t let me leave unless I’m wearing what she wants me to wear. She’s got great taste. And I want to make her happy,” continued Katie.

Normally, it would concern me that an adult woman would take a 4-year-old’s fashion advice so seriously… but then I remind myself that this is the woman who married Tom Cruise.

And after all, this is no ordinary 4-year-old. This is Suri Cruise.

Rewarding her for keeping Katie on a tight leash, Tom took Suri to Central Park and FAO Schwartz in New York City. Step brother and sister, Connor and Isabella respectively, came along for the ride.