Babies Kicking And Screaming For Suri Cruise Heels

June 15th, 2010 // 1 Comment

I saw a story today how parents are in an uproar over the fact that Suri Cruise is encouraging their young daughters to wear heels. Is there a toddler version of Vogue or US Weekly that I wasn’t not aware of? How do three-year-olds have enough cognitive ability to point out Suri Cruise in a magazine and say to their parents, “I MUST have those!” Of course, they then lose their binkie and sob uncontrollably.

Since her birth, Suri has been a fashionista, which you can see in the gallery where she’s carrying purses, wearing lipstick and working her couture, of which her mother, Katie Holmes, says is just a game of dress-up. But many speculate that the heels are the latest addition to the ever increasing numbers of oversexualized attire for young girls.

Justine Roberts, spokesman for parents group Mumsnet, said: “Some of the shoes I’ve seen on sale look more suited to a lapdancing club than the feet of a young girl.” Well, no matter her age – a girl has to know how to earn enough to buy the shoes she wants. Consider that a life lesson.

Many stores are keen on adding the risque attire to their rails in order to keep up with demand. GapKids said their high heels for children had been tested to ensure safety. I want to know how they were tested for safety. I imagine a Patton disciplinarian type yelling at a group of little girls to work the catwalk with the result being much more reminiscent of herding cats.

And there are even options for parents who want to put their daughter in heels before she’s even able to walk, which you can see in the video after the jump!

By Justin Thompson

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    Here in Missouri no, but I have seen it a lot in Cali. But even if they do that a lot in Texas or where ever who cares. It’s their tattoos and it makes them happy.

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