Suri Cruise Bored By Her Parents At Dinner

Oh, the life of the jet-setting children of celebrities. For instance, Suri Cruise. First she was in Toronto with her mother Katie Holmes while she filmed The Kennedys. Joining them was Bella Cruise, one of Tom’s children from his former marriage to Nicole Kidman.

They were seen leaving Canada and heading back to New York, where the four had dinner and Suri brought her blanket. After the meal, the little tyke was tuckered out and falling asleep in Katie’s arms.

What I love is that I wish someone would carry me around swaddled in a blanket while I traveled. And by traveled, I mean to the grocery and back. Also, if I had a four-year-old, I’d make that child walk until she passed out from exhaustion. You gotta wear those kids out!

Check out the pictures of the blanket and Suri and her parents in the gallery below!